Immigration and Visas for Mozambique

With Mozambique being a popular tourist destination, the country does get quite a large number of worldwide, as well as African, visitors. Requirements to enter the country are not as strict as other countries, but the process can be time consuming. Some of the basic requirements may differ from one country to another and it is always best to make certain of these with your local embassy or consulate before making travel arrangements.

Schengen Visa Fee


Citizens of most countries will require a visa to visit Mozambique and only the following 8 countries are exempt:

  • Botswana
  • Malawi
  • Mauritius
  • Swaziland
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

Should you need a visa to enter the country, then you can apply under the following categories:

  • Single entry visa: Allows for a single entry and is valid for a month long period in the country. You have to stay for a minimum of 1 day in country and you are able to extend or renew the visa for a maximum of 90 days but only if you apply while the visa is still valid.
  • Multiple entry visa: allows you to enter the country multiple times while the visa is valid. This category consists of 2 types of visas; a tourist visa which is valid for a maximum of 90 days and a business visa which is valid for a maximum of 180 days.

Requirements for getting Mozambican visa include:

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months and with at least 3 blank pages
  • Visa request form
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Copy of flight details and return ticket
  • Proof of where you will be staying
  • Copy of passport
  • Recent bank statement

You may be asked to attend an interview to support your visa application and additional information may be required depending on the nature of your intended visit. While the issuing of visas is supposed to be done within a set timeframe, this is by no means a guarantee and you should allow sufficient time before travelling to apply for visas. Also bear in mind that customs officials can still refuse you entry into the country if they have any misgivings at all.

Immigration categories

Other than visa, Mozambique also offers both residence and work permits. These have different requirements which are as follows:

  • Residence permit: 2 passport sized photos, valid application form, passport valid for 6 months with 3 blank pages, authorized copy of employment contract, criminal record certificate, health check and proof of finances.
  • Work permit: Valid application form, 2 passport sized photos, passport valid for 6 months with 3 blank pages, authorized copy of employment contract, criminal record certificate

Where to apply

Your local Mozambican consulate or embassy should be able to assist with all visa and immigration related queries.


These change depending on where you are applying from. There are also different levels of service depending on how quickly you need to get the documents, with the price increasing for the faster options.


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