The Planet 51 Movie and Related Planet 51 Toys – Mini Bump & Go Rover

n this chapter on the Planet 51 movie and the related Planet 51 Movie toys we will have a closer look at Rover, and the Mini Bump & Go Rover toy. Fasten seatbelts, the journey begins!

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If you have seen the fantastic motion picture Planet 51, I am sure you loved the film. The movie is still being played in cinemas, and if you have not had the opportunity to go out and watch it, you need to go. This lovely movie has different personalities for you to enjoy, and even some characters that you may not enjoy at all. When the Planet 51 movie will be published in the stores in DVD format, there will be many more things to buy. You can already find the Planet 51 movie toys and even video games. This would be a great surprise for that unique kid of yours.

If you have seen the movie or heard about it you have probably heard about Rover. Rover is the fun loving robot. Rover looks much like a Lunar or Martian rover, and he acts much like a dog. Rover is white and black and his tricks are sure to make anyone have a great time. Rover’s primary duty is to discover Chuck the spaceman, who landed on Planet 51 and is hiding from the Planet 51 residents, and his second task is to collect pebbles.

One of the first scenes that you see Rover in the movie is when he gets free from the holding facility that he is locked up in. Some of Rover’s hiding locations prove to be quite funny. Rover often makes the individuals searching for him trip over themselves. He eventually does escape and sets off to discover Chuck the spaceman, who landed from earth on Planet 51. Rover gets sidetracked many times by different pebbles. One rock Rover picks up has a insect sitting on it and he does funny things to get rid of it. Rover moves the creature off the rock. The insect apparently does not get the messges and Rover ends up squishing the creature with the rock. One of the many humorous moments of the movie.

Rover falls in love with Planet 51’s special rain. Planet 51’s rain is very different than our rain. Instead of water, stones drops like we have water on the Earth. Planet 51 has pebble rain. Small pebbles of rocks plummet down and bounce around on Planet 51’s surface. This makes the tiny Rover very happy. He starts to prance around gathering rocks. In the Planet 51 movie Rover dances in tune to I’m singing in the rain and even twirls around a traffic light. This made the small Rover very happy. In addition to collecting rocks, Rover enjoys playing fetch. Skiff, who is a character in the Planet 51 movie and Lem’s good friend, becomes very fond of Rover and often plays fetching with Rover. Rover enjoys playing fetch with rocks. Rover’s attention is also drawn to a certain Planet 51 dog. This dog looks somewhat like the space creature from the movie Aliens, and when he makes use of the bathroom it ruins whatever it uses. It often runs after Rover trying to make buddies with him.

In the movie Rover is key in aiding Chuck and Lem to flee. Rover gets ensnared himself but manages to flee. When they try to figure out how Rover flees, Rover tells them that he took the screws out of the cage that meant to hold him. He then goes and aids the crew rescue Chuck and escapes from the grasp of General Grawl. After they come home and get everything sorted out, even making buddies with General Grawl after all, it is time for Chuck, the spaceman, and Rover to exit Planet 51. Skiff who has become very attached to his tiny pal gets very sad and starts crying. Chuck sees how sad Skiff and Rover are and asks Rover if he wants to stay on Planet 51. In response Rover mows down Skiff and acts like a very pleased little dog.

If you love this cute little Rover’s tale on the Planet 51 movie, you may like to get your kid s the Rover toy. There are not a lot of Planet 51 movie toys currently available, but this one has been is out in stores for a short time only and is becoming very popular. This model is the Mini Vehicle Bump & Go Rover. This Mini Vehicle Bump & Go Rover toy is about 1.5 inches and is an exact imitation of the movie Rover. This Mini Vehicle Bump & Go Rover toy will be a great gift for any boy or girl.

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